Confidential Semiconductor Clients

Clean Room and Tool Installation Design

Semiconductor tools are special. Delivering gas and liquid chemicals to them kicks up some interesting code issues. Some tools can be disturbed by air flow from even a very mellow air conditioning diffuser. Lighting must be chosen carefully and transformers placed to avoid electromagnetic interference.

We've been at this clean room, lab, and tool install design since the 1990s. We don't want to brag, but we're kind of experts

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City of Portland

The Portland Building HVAC TI Design

This one was fun. A full demo and remodel of 15 floors of an historical building. The architect opened up the ceiling to make a more spacious interior and we tucked away the duct and boxes as much as possible to preserve that open space. After that, the mechanical sub gave us their feedback and we refined the design with them. It was a true collaboration. Construction began in October 2017. Can't wait for the opening party!

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Portland Water Bureau

Groundwater Chemical Room Cooling

In the limited space of an existing mechanical room, we selected an air handling unit and designed some fancy ductwork to serve a chemical room that needs to stay within a tight temperature range. That sounds simpler than it was. This one was quite a puzzle and we are proud of making it work!

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Oregon State

HVAC Design for Higher Education Commission Coordination Offices

While working on an HVAC TI, we noticed that the minimum outside air requirements were not being met on the HECC floors. The awesome facilities team at the Public Services Building worked with us to change their operating procedure in heating season to make sure minimum OSA was delivered to the building. This is why we are such code nerds. Sometimes it helps to know why the codes exist so we can help a team meet them.

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Plumbing Design

Libraries, Public Buildings, and Offices

Some engineers don't feel that plumbing design is cool. We disagree. Sizing lines, selecting fixtures, placing floor drains and automatic primers, even sizing grease intercepters is cool. Without all that stuff, you really don't have a working building.

Plumbing design is part of many of our projects and we are always happy to cover it.

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Portland Public Schools

Water Fixture Replacements

Speaking of plumbing design, Portland Public Schools is replacing many drinking fountain and cafeteria sinks as part of a lead reduction program.We jumped in and created installation templates for the bid documents. We got the "Hey, can you help us out?" call in May 2017 and delivered the CAD templates, cut sheets, and specifications in June 2017.

We continue to refine the bid documents as these are completed in groups. This project will protect students from lead in drinking water. Sure, some people call us heroes, but we're just doing our job. What's that? No one is calling us heroes? Well, that's disappointing.

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