We love design, construction, and commissioning and we are determined that our clients and teammates have as much fun as we do.

We are a 100% woman-owned engineering, commissioning, and construction management firm. Christine McKinley is a mechanical engineer with OR and CA PE licenses. Her team includes a Revit modeler, controls engineer, HVAC engineer, and business manager. They are all people she met (and made friends with) working on projects in her 24-year career.

Christine and her team are great listeners. They know how to get the best results from facilities managers, contractors, and even city inspectors and Fire Marshalls. Detailed knowledge of code, equipment performance, best design practices, and LEED requirements is part of their successful equation, but their ability to listen and “read the room” in a construction meeting or permit negotiation is the skill that makes the Whole Building Solutions team stand out.

WBS is an OR WBE/ESB #8410